Simone de Boudoir:

Multi-Media Erotica

About the story

Feminist, story-driven erotica. Infused with music and period blood, tinged with revenge and existentialism. Not a romance.

Blood on Her Lips follows the dark and sexy story of Rose, an erotic dancer living in Paris. She works in the sensuous, underground Theatre La Chatte, where she performs sultry dances for an audience as well as gives private shows to clients behind closed doors. Curated songs accompany each dance.

[SPOILERS:] After being turned into a vampire by one of her clients, she explores her feeding options. All the while, she is determined to find the mysterious Nico who turned her, hoping he can give her answers.

Her friends and fellow dancers rally around her and offer all the support they can. Rose quickly learns she can go down on her friends who have their periods, pleasuring them and herself while drinking their blood. She also lures some “bad apple” clients to her private shows, but finds disposing of their bodies to be too much.

After a fortuitous visit from a vampire dominatrix, she learns more secrets of the vampire world. She gains new knowledge and tools, but she gets in her own way by being reckless and impulsive. She finds Nico, but the pressures of being a vampire continue to weigh heavily on her.

Pick your poison: You can choose the version of the story that includes NSFW imagery (stripteases & sexy photos) or the text only version: Blood on Her Lips: Table of Contents

About Theatre La Chatte

Theatre La Chatte is the erotic Parisian dance theater from the story, where Rose performs her acts. Here, you can get a taste of that world with PHOTOS and STRIPTEASES that are companions to the story.

Follow Rose along her journey in both words and imagery. Click on links within chapters to find media specifically created to be go along with our story.

As with the fictional Theatre La Chatte depicted in the story, you can also REQUEST “PRIVATE SHOWS” – i.e., special customs for stripteases, photoshoots, and even stories. Let’s escape into fantasy!

Photos and videos will be posted with each new chapter. Musical credits (by other artists) are included. Check out the complete and continuously updated PLAYLIST.