Chapter 10: Make Me Feel

The next morning, Rose sat on her windowsill and smoked her vape under the protective shade of the awning.

Was there something to what Margot had said? she asked herself. Is being a vampire a great opportunity? Does this power bring with it a responsibility to wield it for good?

She blew a puff over the city and watched it dissipate.

Power. Rose turned this word over and over in her head. It rang more loudly than the other words, like good, responsibility, or opportunity.

Her ruminations were interrupted by a buzz on her phone. It was a text from Zari: “Salut, Chérie! Can I stop by chez toi?”

“Of course,” Rose texted in response. “You know the door code, you can let yourself in and come up.”

Once in Rose’s apartment, Zari produced a plastic bag filled plumply with burgundy liquid. “It’s the hospital grade blood I promised you,” she explained eagerly. “It’s sealed airtight, so it will be fresh when you open it. I’ll put it in le frigo.”

“Thank you, Zari,” Rose said sincerely. “And thank you for everything. You’ve really been helping me with these horrible cleanup jobs. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Zari popped the blood bag into Rose’s refrigerator and came to join Rose on her windowsill. They sat across from each other and Rose shared her vape. They both puffed languidly.

“Well, I wasn’t the one doing the cleanup,” said Zari. “But I was happy to help you arrange it. If I’m being honest, it was kind of a thrill being a part of that asshole politician’s demise.” Zari giggled behind her hand. “He deserved it,” she added.

“I’m glad to hear you say that,” Rose shared. “This is a strange and horrifying power in so many ways, but if I can do some good with it…” she trailed off, unable to say “then it would be worth it.”

“The world is better off without that monster,” Zari reassured. “Sophie’s attacker too. I’m glad that fucker got what he deserved.”

Rose liked hearing Zari say the word “deserved.” It comforted her. “Another vampire visited me yesterday,” Rose revealed to Zari after a pause.

“Whoa…” Zari uttered, surprised. “Is that a good thing?”

“Yes. I think so. They gave me some helpful information.”

“Like what?”

“One thing they mentioned,” Rose began, “is that our cleanups have been good by human standards, but not by vampire standards. Apparently other vampires can sense the kills, and that can be dangerous for me. She told me that vampires can ‘vampire’ other vampires. Just to add another layer of shittiness to this whole thing.” Rose was being flip with her words, but Zari understood the seriousness underlying them.

“What does that mean going forward?” Zari asked.

“I’m not completely sure,” Rose responded honestly. “But I feel deeply that I need to find Nico Dacia—the vampire who turned me—because he owes me answers, and ultimately I think he’ll be useful for me. I need to understand this world more.”

“I heard about Margot,” Zari said softly. “I’m sorry she put you in that spot, and I’m especially sorry that you can’t count on her for her blood anymore. I wish I could say she’d come around, but you know how stubborn Margot can be.”

“Do you think she’s right?” Rose asked. “Do you think I have a responsibility to use this power to go on a crusade of sorts? If we were able to bring some kind of justice to the politician and Sophie’s attacker, does that mean I need to expand that to a larger scale?”

Zari contemplated silently for a moment. “I don’t think I can give you that answer,” she responded at last. “But I do have a surprise for you,” she said, guiding the conversation away from this depth of seriousness. 

Rose looked at Zari with perked-up eyes. “Oh? What is it?”

In lieu of an answer, Zari stood and walked toward Rose, who remained seated. Zari approached closer, bringing her pelvis a breath away from Rose’s face. “Notice anything?” she asked.

Rose leaned in and inhaled a whiff of Zari’s pubic area. Rose felt a ripple of goosebumps wash over her as her eyes lit up. She looked up at Zari with a knowing smile.

Striptease: Miss Murder

“It just started,” Zari told Rose. “But I’m always super heavy on the first days.” Letting go of coyness, Zari grabbed the bottom edges of her dress and slipped it off over her head. It was warm out, so she hadn’t put on a bra. All that was left were a dark pair of panties.

Rose reached for Zari’s panties and slid them off her legs. Rose noticed a small patch of red on the gusset of the panties. Instinctively, she inserted the panties into her mouth and sucked on the stained piece of cloth. Rose’s eyes clenched shut as she savored the soft fabric that only seconds ago had been pressed against Zari’s sweet pussy.

“Don’t neglect the main course,” Zari instructed, bringing herself closer to Rose. Overcome, Rose gripped Zari’s hips and buried her face within.

Rose clenched Zari’s ass cheeks and submerged her mouth within the delicate folds of Zari’s glistening vulva. Rose extended her tongue deep inside, greedy for the thick, red nectar dripping steadily from Zari’s innermost walls. Rose brought a thumb to Zari’s clit and began rubbing in slow, circular motions. Zari exhaled a moan and ran her fingers through Rose’s hair.

Lightning was beginning to kindle in Rose’s muscles. She felt her veins tingle and expand. Her focus narrowed in on extracting the crimson lifeforce produced by Zari’s body. She stood up from the windowsill and pressed Zari against the wall in between the tall windows. Rose threw off her clothes and pressed her naked body against Zari’s. They kissed and Zari got a taste of her own blood on Rose’s lips.

Rose knelt in front of Zari and pushed her legs apart. Rose returned her mouth and thumb to their places, and both picked up speed. The tentacle-like muscle in Rose’s mouth tossed around inside Zari’s pussy like a restless sleeper. Her thumb atop Zari’s clit burrowed down against the magical button that was the center of Zari’s pleasure universe. These motions made Zari shiver and convulse, and she grinded herself against Rose’s mouth for maximum intensity.

Zari’s convulsions were releasing fresh tides of blood onto Rose’s tongue. In response, Rose swirled her tongue frantically inside Zari’s soft cavern to ensure she was able to consume each and every drop.

Zari gripped a handful of Rose’s hair as her body tensed and tightened. Rose felt this tightening and moved her mouth up to Zari’s clit, where a single lap of her tongue sent a quiver throughout Zari’s body. Rose then surrounded Zari’s clit with her mouth and sucked rhythmically. A final pull on the tender strip of skin pushed Zari over the edge into wild orgasmic spasms.

These spasms caused a rogue trickle of red to escape Zari’s pussy and form a small rivulet down her thigh. It caught Rose’s eye and just as she was about to pounce on it, a sudden tapping sound startled them both.

They looked at each other, confused. When it happened again, Rose recognized it as a knock on her door. She stood up and approached the peephole. 

“It’s Vanesse—the vampire who visited me yesterday!” Rose whispered over her shoulder to Zari. 

“Let them in,” Zari suggested, intrigued. 

Rose threw on a long t-shirt, while Zari picked up her discarded dress and held it against her naked body.

Rose cracked open the door. Vanesse was dressed in their typical trenchcoat and tall boots. Sunglasses covered their piercing eyes.

Before Rose could think of anything to say, Vanesse had already clocked the smears of blood on Rose’s chin and the nearly naked Zari standing at the back of the apartment. “Bad time?” they asked through a grin, popping their sunglasses into a coat pocket.

“How—” stammered Rose, “how did you get in the building? How do you know my door code?”

Vanesse shrugged. “I have my ways.”

Rose frowned.

Vanesse laughed in return. “Don’t worry, darling, I was behind someone who let me in.”

“What are you doing here?” Rose queried.

“I have something important for you,” Vanesse answered, but their eyes were not on Rose—instead, they rested on Zari behind her. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” they asked, bringing their gaze back to Rose.

“Please come in.” These words floated past Rose’s lips before she was even aware of them. Vanesse didn’t hesitate. They pushed themself past Rose and into the small apartment.

“Who do we have here?” Vanesse inquired, staring hungrily at Zari.

Instinctively, Rose rushed in front of Zari and stood in a protective stance. “I won’t let you kill her,” Rose announced determinedly.

“Please, darling, I don’t need your leftovers,” Vanesse responded, throwing off their trenchcoat and revealing a smart, black, silk romper beneath. They were making themself quite at home, Rose noted.

Vanesse leisurely approached where Rose and Zari stood. “You’re a good and trusting friend,” they said looking into Zari’s eyes, “to let a vampire eat your pussy while you’re on your period. Not every vampire would stop there after getting such a taste.”

Rose was annoyed, and impressed, that Vanesse always seemed to know exactly what was going on.

“Why don’t you continue eating your friend’s pussy,” Vanesse suggested, addressing Rose, “while I show you a little trick. It won’t harm her, I promise.”

Zari and Rose looked at each other. Zari shrugged. “You need all the tricks you can get,” she told Rose.

They acquiesced. Rose threw off her t-shirt and again knelt in front of Zari, who tossed aside her dress. Rose began tentatively with gentle tongue strokes, first lapping up the rivulet along Zari’s thigh, then moving back to her pussy.

As Rose was tonguing Zari, she watched Vanesse gather one of Zari’s breasts into their hands and bring it to their mouth. Vanesse then unveiled two pointed teeth, and they gingerly placed Zari’s nipple under one of them.

“It’s a delicate art,” Vanesse began, Zari’s nipple hovering between their lips. “But if you do it just right, you can draw the tiniest amount of blood from the nipple while simultaneously bestowing a euphoric mixture of pain and pleasure.”

Vanesse dug their fang lightly into Zari’s nipple. Zari winced, but her smile instructed Vanesse to continue. Vanesse then sank their fang deeper into the puckered flesh, then deeper still, piercing it slightly. With this prick, Zari erupted in shivering moans as her nipple produced a pearl of blood. Vanesse stopped to display the results.

“Are you okay?” Rose asked, looking up at Zari.

“I feel amazing,” Zari answered through heaving breaths. A droplet of blood hung buoyantly from her punctured nipple. “You can keep going. Please keep going.”

Vanesse clutched Zari’s other tit and inserted it into their mouth. Rose continued licking and stroking Zari’s pussy. Zari again erupted in orgasm, emitting a screeching shriek of pleasure. 

“Beautiful,” remarked Vanesse, admiring Zari. “Now, let’s try something else…” With this, Vanesse pushed Rose onto her back along the floor and instructed Zari to sit on Rose’s face.

With Zari perched above her mouth, Rose gripped Zari’s hips and flicked her tongue against her clit. Zari writhed and more blood spilled out and into Rose’s parted lips.

Meanwhile, Vanesse crouched down and pressed their mouth against Rose’s lower lips. Rose’s body reacted with a shiver of excitement. Vanesse traced their tongue along the edges of Rose’s exposed vulva, then brought in the reinforcements of their fingers. They fingered Rose in pulsating motions as they brought their lips around Rose’s clit and began sucking.

Vanesse incorporated their teeth once again by pulling on the sensitive casing of Rose’s clit, stretching it out with exquisite precision. Rose felt her thighs trembling around Vanesse’s head. Vanesse’s fingers inside her cunt and teeth upon her clit gave her rapturous, agonizing gratification.

Zari continued to pump against Rose’s face and her tits bounced wildly. Reaching down, Zari gripped Rose by her head and pushed her harder against her pussy. With feverish grinds, Zari groaned through her teeth as she came again and released even more blood into Rose’s busy mouth.

Glowing with release, Zari moved her hands to her own breasts as she bobbed softly against Rose’s mouth. Vanesse, still burrowed between Rose’s legs, reached up a hand and grabbed one of Rose’s tits. They squeezed it tightly, capping it off with a pinch on Rose’s nipple. 

Rose’s body rumbled and shook, her pussy twitched and jolted in response to Vanesse’s every touch. Electricity shot through Rose’s entire body, emanating from her charged-up cunt. The sparks that danced on her skin gathered like an unholy coven at the cauldron between her legs.

With her face still submerged, Rose discharged a resounding scream of ecstasy into Zari’s pussy. The scream was muffled, yet it echoed. Afterward, Rose’s limbs fell limp and her head collapsed against the hardwood floor beneath.

Zari hopped off and leaned against the wall. Her hair was rumpled and her skin was flushed. “Holy fuck!” she laughed.

Vanesse stood and wiped the edges of their lips. They slipped their trenchcoat back on, but before tying it up they reached into an inner pocket and pulled out an envelope. They tossed the envelope onto Rose’s torso, who was still sprawled lifelessly on the floor. 

“That’s what I came here to give you,” said Vanesse. “That…and a few orgasms.” They winked at Zari and headed for the door.

Rose’s head felt engulfed by fog and her body felt exceedingly weak. She felt disoriented and sapped. She knew something had fallen onto her chest, but her arms felt too heavy to move to pick it up. This confused her, for she usually felt strong and in control after feeding, and she had just gorged on Zari’s blood.

Rose blinked until her eyes at last came back into focus. She saw the outline of Vanesse at her front door. “Oh,” Vanesse added, putting their sunglasses back on, “and that’s for yesterday.”

The door had already closed behind Vanesse before Rose summoned enough strength to sit up.

“What do they mean?” Zari asked.

Rose had to use her hand to prop up her head. A chuckle managed to pass from her lips. “Payback,” she uttered.

“You can explain what that means later,” Zari said, recognizing Rose’s extreme fatigue. “But what is in that envelope they gave you?”

The envelope had slid off Rose’s chest and onto the floor. She had forgotten it already. Mustering all the energy she had left, Rose picked it up and tore into it. She pulled out a slip of paper with an address scrawled on it, along with the name “Nico Dacia.”


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